About Reservation

  • ·We accept reservations for the coming 4 months shown on the calendar.
  • ·First, check our vacancy calender, and please make a reservation from the following reservation form.
  • ·The vacancy calendar may not be updated yet at the moment of your reservation.
  • ·Your reservation will be done by receiving a confirmation email from TEN to SEN.
  • ·If you don’t receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, after checking your spam folder or security filter, please contact us.
  • ·If you don’t appear by 22:30 without any notice, we cancel your reservation.

To the guest of “Long stay” and “Group of many people”

  • ·The maximum number of nights that one guest can stay consecutively is 7.
  • ·When we recognize that your reservation is “big” because of a large number of people or long stay, for the purpose of reducing risk of cancellation, we may ask you for prior payment by credit card for a part of the room charge. We judge it on a case-by- case basis, so please ask us in advance or we’ll tell you the detail on our replying message after your reservation request.


※Dormitory room : The figure shows number of vacant bed. (×) full.
※Private room :(○)avairable, (×) not avairavle

Fem Dorm:Female Dormitory Mix Dorm:Mix Dormitory PR#1:Private room(pink) for 2 persons PR#2:Private room(sky blue) for 2 persons PR#3:Private room(red) for 3 persons

Reservation Form

*Required fields are red frame.

Example: 18:00

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